The Matthew 25 Project

The idea for this project is that people GET INVOLVED in the life of those forgotten. Most of us really want to help, but either do not have the time or know how.

My family has decided to take care of people in tangible ways and if every family gets involved and takes care of 1 person a month, we can change lives and be a tool of love.

Jesus gives us charge in Matthew 25:34-40 saying that when we take care of the least of these-

Those in Prison
Those who are hungry
Those who thirst
Those who are sick
Those who need to be clothed
Those who are in fact, strangers

We by all means, take care of Him.

Every month I plan to list practical ways for normal families with busy schedules and little money to help those worse off.

This is something my family has just begun, so take the journey with us!

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